Watercolor Plein Air Sketchbook 2018-2019

I’m sharing a filled out watercolour plein air sketchbook of mine with paintings from 2018-2019. This was an A5 Lana Carnet de Voyage Watercolour Journal, with cold-pressed 300gsm paper. By far, one of my favourite sketchbooks! I’ve only tried a Moleskine sketchbook so far, and I preferred this over that one.

Since most of the paintings are done outdoors, the sketchbook is sometimes swapped and the paintings are upside down. For better viewing experience, I included with additional image popups how the image looks from the right angle.

This is my fourth filled-out watercolor sketchbook. I didn’t paint that much during the winter but once the spring was behind the corner, I grabbed the book and went outside to paint even when there was still pretty cold and it was not easy to control the paint at all, because it wouldn’t dry.

This was when I made some real breakthroughs. Because of the cold I was forced to paint wet on wet and do what I could with muddy colors. I never painted that much with wet on wet -technique. Now I can’t wait to use that technique on my work and I’m not as intimidated to dig into the painting. I learned to splash some paint on the canvas and have fun, instead of mourning over losing the control.

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