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Get things done by letting go

In the beginning of 2020, I posted almost every day to Instagram, was making digital paintings and watercolor paintings, taking a course at CGMA, all while making my book and writing my blog. All that was in addition to my day job as a… Continue Reading ”Get things done by letting go”

I want you to be average in 2020

2020 is almost here, and that’s a wonderful number. It deserves some looking back and reflecting, and maybe a vision for your upcoming decade. Maybe you’re planning to go out to gym every morning and lose weight? Finish all the projects, do all the… Continue Reading ”I want you to be average in 2020”

Make your old sketchbooks matter – going konmari with my drawings

At first I would like to thank Andrea Femerstrand aka Noukah (visit her blog at http://www.noukah.com) for giving out this cool idea! Do you ever feel a bit ashamed by your sketchbooks and sort of would like to show your sketches, but major of… Continue Reading ”Make your old sketchbooks matter – going konmari with my drawings”

”It’s Dark and Wet. I’m tired and miserable. What can I do?”

Finland. While I love it, I hate it a little bit. See, I think that the history of the mankind went something like this: We were in a very dark cave for a veeeery long time. In a dark cave where it was cold… Continue Reading ””It’s Dark and Wet. I’m tired and miserable. What can I do?””

This is why you need to stop mindless scrolling

This Saturday I deleted Facebook and Messenger from my phone. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it too? You’ve noticed you’re possibly spending too much time in social media. And you no longer want to share anything. So you just consume.