About me

Nice to meet you, I’m Annamari Kuvaja, also known as Illuzz.

I’m a professional artist working in a mobile game studio that is based in Finland. As a game artist I make everything from characters to backgrounds, environments, concept art and UI.

Before I became an artist I graduated from a university with a masters degree in journalism, and worked as a subeditor for a decade in the biggest newspaper of Finland.

I’m here to encourage you to not just become an artist, but to give you a spark to explore the science and ideas that will make you the best artist you can be. Let’s discover together how to have fun doing it and how to excel at it 🙂

And if you’re not an artist and you’re here just out of curiosity, I’m glad you’re here anyway, and hope that my site will be entertaining or informative for you too!

With that I would like to warmly welcome you here. Please take a look around, hope you enjoy the site.

PS. Any opinions expressed on my blog site do not reflect those of  my employer.

11705683_10153201268144440_8673086780365449347_oPhoto of me taken by: Samuli Sivonen www.solunaimage.com

See you around!

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